Let's get to Work
Unique career paths of visually-impaired people
6 months ago

S1E23 - Voice Acting: another story in a career of theatrics

We hear from Satonna,, an experienced foice actor, on her adventures in the field. She even gives us a lie performance!

7 months ago

S1E22 - The wind behind the sales: an interview with a certified work incentive practitioner

Our second to last episode of this season is an interview with Lori Sharff, a certified work insentive practitioner, while she talks about the journey of guiding others in their quest for employment.

9 months ago

S1E21 - Faith Based Careers Part II.: An Interview with Robert Rathbun

We hear from Reverend Rathbun about his career and how elements of his visual impairment have shaped it.

9 months ago

S1E20 - Faith based careers: An Interview with Father Jamie Dennis

We speak with Father Dennis about his career as a priest and the unique elements involved with his visual impairment.

10 months ago

S1E19 - Diving in to Digetal Content

An interview with Richard Rueda, Digetal Content Specialist with the Careeer Connect program at the American Printing House

11 months ago

S1E18 - Fly away with United Airlines

An interview with Ray Campbell about his careeer path which currently lands him with United Airlines

1 year ago

S1E17 - Get up and moving: an interview with a fitness instructor

We interview Leslie Spoon, a certified aerobics, aquatics, and yoga instructor just to name a few. We learn about how she found herself in the world of exercise coaching. Time to get fit!

1 year ago

S1E16 - Go forth with Google: an interview with Nimer Jaber

We hear from Nimer Jaber with Google Inc. as he walks us through his career journey and how he got to working full time in Silicon Valley.

1 year ago

S1E12 - The World of Theater

An interview with Sam Barrasso, a totally blind actor

1 year ago

S1E15 - The world of Politics: an interview with the visually impaired mayor of Lakeside Oregon

We speak with James Edwards, the mayor of Lakeside Oregon, about his journey in leadership