Let's get to Work
Unique career paths of visually-impaired people
3 months ago

S2E3 - Adventures Abroad: an interview with Cheryl Cumings

In this episode, we learn about Ms. Cumings' story, from the department of defense and beyond

3 months ago

S2E2 - Light House Works

Looking for work? Look no further!

6 months ago

S2E1 - Finding Jobs in the Age of Robots: a conversation with ACB's very own Melanie AltSinohu

Welcome Back to the Lets Get to Work podcast, and to season two! We missed you and we are glad to be back!

1 year ago

S1E23 - Voice Acting: another story in a career of theatrics

We hear from Satonna,, an experienced foice actor, on her adventures in the field. She even gives us a lie performance!

1 year ago

S1E22 - The wind behind the sales: an interview with a certified work incentive practitioner

Our second to last episode of this season is an interview with Lori Sharff, a certified work insentive practitioner, while she talks about the journey of guiding others in their quest for employment.

1 year ago

S1E21 - Faith Based Careers Part II.: An Interview with Robert Rathbun

We hear from Reverend Rathbun about his career and how elements of his visual impairment have shaped it.

1 year ago

S1E20 - Faith based careers: An Interview with Father Jamie Dennis

We speak with Father Dennis about his career as a priest and the unique elements involved with his visual impairment.

1 year ago

S1E19 - Diving in to Digetal Content

An interview with Richard Rueda, Digetal Content Specialist with the Careeer Connect program at the American Printing House

1 year ago

S1E18 - Fly away with United Airlines

An interview with Ray Campbell about his careeer path which currently lands him with United Airlines

1 year ago

S1E17 - Get up and moving: an interview with a fitness instructor

We interview Leslie Spoon, a certified aerobics, aquatics, and yoga instructor just to name a few. We learn about how she found herself in the world of exercise coaching. Time to get fit!